For many, the idea of physical therapy is accompanied by thoughts of an accident or injury, and while those are certainly things Dr. Chris Sharrock sees often, he’s also helping the people of Winchester treat everything from jaw pain to headaches.

“We are essentially detectives who solve pain and movement-related problems,” Sharrock said.

Sharrock, who was born in West Virginia but grew up in Winchester, became involved in the world of physical therapy after suffering several injuries during a hugely successful high school and college football career.

Those injuries required quite a some physical therapy to heal, and lead Sharrock to a new path that would ultimately become his calling.

“From a young age I have always been fascinated with the human body and sports performance,” Sharrock said. “I struggled through several significant injuries during my football career that required extensive rehab to get back on the field. God placed some incredible mentors in my life that showed me the  undeniable difference I could make in the lives of others in the field of physical therapy.

“My clinical training allows me to understand the full spectrum of rehab, prevention and performance  enhancement needs for a wide range of people.”

Sports play a big role in the Resilience family, as Sharrock’s team, including Dr. Blake

Jackson and Dr. Brian Barney, have backgrounds in baseball and track, respectively.

That background has helped the team figure out the best ways to help patients, and Sharrock said it’s not just about one approach when it comes to feeling better.

The more proactive a patient is, the easier their pain management will be, which is why there is a variety of equipment available for patients to use, from kettle bells to free weights.

“Our mission is to address health, not from a single approach, but from a holistic comprehensive  model that blends rehab, fitness, sports performance, health and mindfulness,” Sharrock said. “I believe very  strongly the key to long-term health is a proactive model rather than the traditional reactionary  model that continues to fail our society.”

By using a combination of hands-on techniques like spine manipulation and exercises the patient can utilize to help relieve and prevent pain, Sharrock and his team can help with everything from stroke recovery to spinal injuries.

The goal, he said, is to ensure  patients can return to doing the activities that make them feel like themselves again as quickly as possible.

When it comes to healing and pain management, time is of the essence.

Winchester and the community they serve is important to the Resilience team, who make a conscious effort to support several local groups in the area throughout the year.

“Resilience is a proud supporter of the local Winchester community and looks forward to continuing that mission in the coming years,” Sharrock said. “We are very excited to be hosting three educational classes in the upcoming Clark County Wellness Challenge beginning in 2019.

“We are also a sponsor of the Upward 40391 league and just finished providing education to all coaches and staff regarding acute injury and concussion management for the second year in a row. Our team recently provided the strength and conditioning for the GRC Cheerleading squad and we look forward to supporting more local teams in the future.”

For those who are considering trying physical therapy for their pain management needs, Sharrock said it’s important not to wait, as the sooner a patient begins therapy, the faster their recovery time will be. And that can save quite a bit of time and money and can eliminate the need for invasive surgeries.

The community can follow Resilience on social media to learn more about their practice and to stay informed on upcoming services for 2019, which include personal training and conditioning.

For this group of professionals, finding a more personalized way to treat patients is important, since the “family” atmosphere can be hard to come by these days.

That’s why the team is actively looking for ways to ensure each person who walks through the door is handled with care.

“We are in a time where health care is becoming more and more corporate with big health care systems seeking to control all,” Sharrock said. “I want Resilience to always be about delivering a higher level of care and treating our patients with the personal touch they deserve … I am very excited to see the impact Resilience will have on the Winchester community in 2019.”

The key with physical therapy is that it takes a can-do attitude and a will to persevere even when things get tough, Sharrock said. The good news is the team at Resilience is there to help with that.

“I have a strong dislike for anyone being told they cannot do something or that they are doomed to deal with pain or limitations,” Sharrock said. “It is truly an amazing blessing and privilege to be able to stand alongside my patients in whatever struggle or battle they are facing.”