There’s a lot more to a massage than simply getting kinks worked out of a back.

“People come in for a number of reasons,” said  Candace Quisenberry, owner of Winchester Therapeutic Massage. “Maybe it’s to relax or they have a pain. We have people who come in on a regular basis.”

Quisenberry and her staff have a number of options for a number of different issues.

“We offer relaxation and deep tissue,” Quisenberry said. “We have a couples massage we try to make romantic.”

Then there is ashiatsu.

“They call that the deepest, most luxurious massage,” she said. “The therapist uses their feet to get really deep.”

The therapist, though, is using handrails mounted on the ceiling, so their full weight isn’t going on the client’s back.

“It’s like ironing out a muscle,” therapist Julie Kerber said.

Of course, they offer Swedish massage and hot stones as well.

“The stones are like applied heat,” Kerber said. “A lot of people don’t realize it’s a stone. It’s a penetrating heat.”

WTM also offers CranioSacral massage for those who are sensitive to touch.

“It’s a light-touch modality,” therapist Lori Barnes said. “Instead of us actually pressing on muscles we tap into the craniosacral fluid to assist your body into healing itself, unwind tension patterns, migraines… It can literally help with everything.

“For those who are really, really sensitive to pressure, it’s an alternative. You can fall asleep on the table and not realize it.”

There is a full menu of options of different types of massage offered, Quisenberry said. For more information, call 755-4043. §