Fall 2017 has been a busy time for Caleb Crosby.

The Clark County native and drummer for Nashville rock band Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown has been touring in South America and Mexico with Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith. The band has also travelled with AC/DC, REO Speedwagon and other rock legends since Caleb and Tyler Bryant partnered to found the group in 2009.

For Caleb, it all started on Christmas Day when he was 10 years old.

“I had shown an interest in the drums around 8 or 9, but I never pushed my parents for a drum kit,” Caleb said. “I had never asked for one.”

But on that fateful Christmas morning, Caleb unwrapped his first set of drums, and he hasn’t stopped playing since.

As he entered middle school, Caleb began joining musical groups in addition to playing sports. He enjoyed learning to make music, but by the time high school rolled around, he was ready to take things to the next level.

“I decided I was going to focus on music,” Crosby said, adding that he had support from his parents, Steve and Shanda Crosby. “I joined literally everything I could that would let me play.”

Caleb became a member of George Rogers Clark High School’s marching and jazz bands in order to expand his musical expertise.

At the same time, Caleb began looking for groups to play with outside of school. He found a local group of jazz musicians to play shows with, though he didn’t know much jazz at the time.

“I would go home and listen to one record after another to learn the material,” Caleb said. “That’s how I learned the jazz standards. I would listen to Coltrane, Elvin Jones or Miles Davis so that I could keep up with the guys I was playing with.”

When Caleb graduated from high school in 2007, he decided to move to Nashville to study music at Belmont University. There, he said he began to take any gig he could just to get more experience playing for a crowd.

“Ninety percent of them didn’t pay,” Caleb said. “I just took as many as I could.”

It was during that time Caleb was introduced to Tyler Bryant, a young musician who had travelled to Nashville from Texas. Tyler was already signed to a record company and had worked with several bands in the past, most of whose members were older than him. However, Caleb said his company was interested in forming a new band with Tyler as the front-man and other members who were closer to his age.

While looking for potential band members in Nashville, Tyler was given Caleb’s name.