— Blank wooden plaque. Can be made with reclaimed wood, pallet pieces or purchased at a

craft store

— Print out of the shape of Kentucky to fit width of selected wooden plaque

— Print out of heart shape at desired size

— Crochet thread

— Nails (I used small laminate floor nails in gold)

— Hammer

— Tape

— Tweezers


1) Roughly cut out the shape of the state leaving about 1-inch of blank white space around the outline. Position the cut out on the wooden plaque and secure using three or four pieces of tape.

2) Cut out the heart shape and place it over Clark County on the map of Kentucky and secure using tape.

3) Place the plaque on a firm, flat surface and use a hammer to insert the nails only about half way into the wood while following the outline of the state as closely as possible. Leave about a 1/4-inch space between nails when possible.

4) Using the same method, outline the heart shape with nails.

5) Tear away the paper guides and use tweezers where necessary to remove small fragments left at the base of the nails.

6) Carefully check that each nail is secure in the wood before wrapping the thread

7) Tie the start of the thread around a nail on the Kentucky outline and wrap it beneath the nail head several times.

8) Stretch the thread to one of the nails on the heart outline, wrap it beneath the nail head twice and then extend it back to one of the nails on the Kentucky outline.

9) Continue stretching and wrapping until every nail has been wrapped once. Then, continue stretching and wrapping until the thread fills the space to your desired result.